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Porterhouse Steak, 24oz

Porterhouse Steak, 24oz

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$24/lb| SHIPS FROZEN | SUPPLIER: McIntosh Farms

Portioned to approximately 24oz.

Pasture raised, fed hay or grass (depending on the season), oats, peas and barley.

The porterhouse is cut from the junction of the tenderloin and top loin, it delivers a mouthwatering combination of tender, succulent Filet Mignon and rich, flavourful New York strip.

The McIntosh family raises Simmental cross angus breed cows on their farm near Listowel, ON.

You can read more about the McIntosh family farm here.

Our meat is flash frozen at -18℃ and comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.

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Thawing Instructions

Our meat is flash frozen and comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.

- For optimal results, defrost meat in the fridge. Most cuts should thaw within 24 hours
- If you are short on time, fill a bowl with cold water and place the meat inside the bowl

- Beef and pork can remain in the fridge uncooked for 2-4 days
- Chicken 2-3 days

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