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100% Grass-Fed Lean Ground Beef 1lb-Pack

100% Grass-Fed Lean Ground Beef 1lb-Pack

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Portioned to 1lb per pack.

The grass-fed, grass-finished meat is sourced from Heritage Cattle Company or McIntosh Farms.

Our meat is flash frozen at -18℃ and comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.


Core Values

We are committed to sourcing meat from farms that share our values.

We will only source meat from farms that ensure their cows are raised hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

We support our local economy by working directly with local Ontario farmers.

We care about animal welfare and only purchase meat from farms that raise their animals naturally and ethically.

Our packaging is zero-waste.

Thawing Instructions

Our meat is flash frozen and comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.

- For optimal results, defrost meat in the fridge. Most cuts should thaw within 24 hours
- If you are short on time, fill a bowl with cold water and place the meat inside the bowl

- Beef and pork can remain in the fridge uncooked for 2-4 days
- Chicken 2-3 days

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