Our Story

Beefinthecity is a family-run business operating in Toronto and GTA. We have been buying meat from grocery stores for years but in the last couple of years, we started paying more attention to what we eat. We realized quickly that the saying "food is medicine" resonated with us deeply. This was a great step towards a healthier us, but we wanted to take it a step further - sustainability and convenience. We began our search for natural, high quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meat.

We hope you will join in our journey in supporting the numerous high quality local farms in Ontario.

Our Values

Our supply chain is very short (pretty much direct) and the meat comes from multiple farms and facilities that we actually speak with. Think about that grocery store meat and the unknown journey it took to get from a farm somewhere to your table. Buying this meat also ensures a reduced footprint because it's locally sourced and takes a very short journey from farm to your table.

To ensure quality of taste and animal treatment, it is crucial to us that the farms we work with are not mass production farms. In addition, it's important that the meat we sell comes from animals that are treated well and live a natural life, and clean diet.

Lastly, we value supporting our local Ontario farmers vs mega-corp grocery stores. 


Your entire order is zero waste, yes, that's right. Our orders are packaged using thermal insulation pads that are recyclable, dry ice, and even the vacuum-sealed bags used for the meat is recycle-friendly. Finally, we deliver everything in a cardboard box. The only thing left? The meat. Enjoy it!