Our Farmers

Our Farmers

We are currently in rotation with multiple suppliers.

Heritage Cattle Company - Norwood, Ontario

Aaron, Ben and George MacDonald are the owners of Heritage Cattle Company, a local family farm operating in the county of Peterborough, Ontario.

They are passionate about the quality of their cattle and provide their cattle with the highest quality of life possible.

McIntosh Farms - Atwood, Ontario

Shawn and Erin McIntosh own and operate Mcintosh Farms just outside of Atwood, On. Their family raises 100% grass fed beef and lamb as well as pasture raised pork, chicken and duck. The McIntosh family raises their animals in the most humane way possible. 

Harley Farms - Keene, Ontario

A family farm, that is grounded in the belief that animals should be raised as humanely and naturally as possible. They are High Welfare certified, and practise regenerative farming. Their goal is to produce livestock and crops in a way that aligns with the surrounding natural environment and with a special focus on animal and bird welfare.

West Grey Premium Beef - Durham Ontario

The West Grey Premium Beef family has successfully raised beef for generations. West Grey ensures that cattle are raised in a healthy, humane, comfortable and content way.