Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I order?

To streamline the ordering please use the website to place an order.

What grade is beef?

Depending on the season or supplier we are working with, we offer either grass- fed, grain-finished or grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

Our grass-fed, grain-finished beef is AA grade or higher (AAA). The grade will depend on the cut of meat and the supply at the time. Steaks are AAA grade.

Why is the meat frozen?

The meats are cut and immediately frozen at -18 degrees. Meat flash frozen in this way preserves nutrients which are concentrated by the dry-aging process. The cell walls in the meat are preserved ensuring texture and moisture remains in the cells. What this means to the customer is flavourful juicy meat. Vacuum sealing in BPA free packaging allows you to see the quality of the product and prevents contamination from environmental bacteria during transportation and storage. Meat that is stored at refrigerated temperatures has a very limited shelf life as well as the potential for bacterial contamination and growth. In addition, much of the refrigerated meat sold in stores has been previously frozen and thawed. Our frozen products will last a year or more stored at 0 degrees in your freezer. A flash frozen steak thaws more quickly than conventionally-frozen meat and looks, feels and tastes almost exactly as it did before being frozen. The flavour, the nutrients and the texture of our meat retains farm-fresh quality.

How Does Local Pickup Work?

We do not have a store or physical location. This allows us to provide you with the freshest meat possible and competitive pricing.

Delivery and Pickup Schedule

We currently follow a bi-weekly schedule and deliver one-two times in a month.