We believe that health is one of the biggest factors in happiness and something that needs to be prioritized as much as possible.

Healthy living means many things: taking care of your body, taking care of what goes into your body, and being aware of the world around you.

We are all interconnected: communities, people, animals, environment, and the systems around us. 

We partner with local businesses that share our core values.



🏋️ Annex Community Partner: Back Alley Barbell

Back Alley Barbell is a small gym based on building up the community and supporting each individual member on their fitness journey.
It is a great space if you are just starting out, or if you have experience in a free weight gym setting.
They facilitate Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strength training, and much more. 
IG: backalleybarbellclub
Phone: 647 514 2235


🏋️ North York Community Partner: APEX Training Centre

APEX Training Centre is an elite strength and conditioning facility dedicated to supporting individuals on their fitness journeys. Our 6,000 square foot warehouse space is designed with the highest quality equipment and a wealth of experience, making it a functional and welcoming environment. They focus on helping people move better, get stronger and learn how to integrate fitness into their lives.